THIS IS PROTOTYPE. Game is playable, but too little elaborated. In creating it, I learned a few things. I also came up with a lot of new ideas, but I can't apply them to the current version, as it would require a major overhaul. Therefore, in some time I plan to publish a new version with much more elaborate mechanics.

„Malefactor” is a strategy text game in which the player takes on the role of a Sauron-style Lord of Darkness with the goal of conquering the world. He will carry out his plans by making various decisions. He will build his army and send it into battles, weave intrigues and deceptions, create secret spy networks and sectarian cults, recruit agents and commanders, corrupt representatives of Free Peoples and sow discord among them, collect magical artifacts and perform sinister plots.  Note – one game takes about 1 hour, but the premise is that the game can be approached several times, each time making different decisions, getting different results and discovering something new. Feedback is very much welcome. Very, very much.


I heard that itch version sometimes doesn't work on the phones with Android. If it is the case, You can play downloadable version: It works fine even on phones - I don't know why.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreStrategy, Interactive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withTwine
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, Multiple Endings, Narrative, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Can You check what theme have You turned on and if changing him helps?

The problem with the online version is that the background on Android is black and the text is also black, if they select it the text is seen, it would be solved if you change the text to another color, not white because then in a normal colored background White would not be seen either


Built strength. Littered the enemy with spies. Sowed distrust between nations. Butchered them all. The Dark Lord reigns Supreme. 10/10


Thanks for playing, I am glad that You liked it!

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How do I skip to the game? I keep having to click continue after which I put a point in strength, keep telling it I don't need help. But then i just keeps jumping back to continue>strength->don't need help. Tutorials are bad enough as it is, leave alone with this much text which I'm not gonna read. Just have a skip button and launch the game?
EDIT: corrected typo


Hello, Can You send me screens with scenes making problems (screen when when Tou click continue, and when You click stregnth) on e-mail: ?


Just finished a playthrough and had a lot of fun with the game! I have a fondness for text-based games, and I enjoyed this one's combination of strategy, villainy, and choose-your-own-adventure decision-making. I noticed that the decision options sometimes had spelling errors, so fixing those is the only suggestion I can give. Otherwise, it's a very solid and well-written game. Nice work!


Hello! I thank You very much for playing and the feedback. If You see any spelling errors, please send me them on mail: